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Sold By: Katotey Model: OYE4
Take it with you and never miss an inspiration. IPAD can be connected.It can be directly connected to PC or MAC, plug and play without driver installation, and professional arrangement software can be used.Record your creative inspiration at any time, compatible with mainstream professional audio so..
Sold By: Katotey Model: 409XO
Precise hole position, adjustable tone, simple and effortless playing.Universal for all ages.Light up life with music...
Sold By: Katotey Model: ORY85
Concise colors, advanced appearance, pure sound, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Bluetooth connection, wireless fun. P2 grade environmentally friendly wood texture...
Sold By: Katotey Model: 114F
made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic with high strength and impact resistancesuitable for training for beginners and students to cultivate their sense of musical rhythm..
Sold By: Katotey Model: 86RAF
The tough, non-slip matte feels good, and the particles are non-slip.Increase the anti-skid area of the hand, and it is not easy to fall.Strong wear resistance...
Sold By: Katotey Model: MKS95
Material upgrade, high-quality brass, tone upgrade, rich and full, feel upgrade, in line with hand shape.The sound follows your heart, the good quality is clear at a glance, and all efforts are made to make you play better colors...
Sold By: Katotey Model: DSL06
Height: 72cm, Length: 42cm, Width: 34.5cm, Color: Black...
Sold By: Katotey Model: 63AKC
Teacher teaching, a good choice for learning harmonica with zero foundation.Make it easier for novices to pronounce and save effort in playing.Multi-point support structure, strong air tightness, blowing and sucking can be more labor-saving...
Sold By: Katotey Model: ZKG81
The fabric is made of fiber material, and the craftsmanship is strong and durable.The one-piece molding of the back has a beautiful streamlined shape, smooth edges, no rough burrs, delicate and does not hurt hands, uniform and full gloss of paint, combined rigidity and softness, and strong penetrati..
Sold By: Katotey Model: KZA88
The sound is full and loud, and the unique design makes the sound clearer and brighter.Each fret is finely polished by hand.Easy to maintain and strong...
Sold By: Katotey Model: KOT02
Quick DetailsUse:ViolinType:Chin Rest, Chin RestMaterial:Jujube woodThe material is environmentally friendly and healthy, the angle design is reasonable, and the neck is not worn.The workmanship is exquisite and fine, and the piano is steady.Installed on the left, moderately centered.Reasonable angl..
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